Falling Sky

The sky’s been falling 

on my head for day
So take my hand before I drown 
I don’t know if this world will end today 
So take my hand before I drown


Save Me

Save me,

For the waters coming 

Up to my neck, 
I’m sinking

In to the miry depths,

Where there’s no foothold.


Rescue me, oh save me.
Deliver me from all that
Wars against my soul.

Answer me when I cry to You. 
In Your mercy, I am saved.

I’m drowning,
For the floods engulf me

I cry to You,

Please help me
My eyes can’t see You, 

Please catch me when I fall.


Count down from ten

Count down from ten
And say your goodbyes.
This may be the last you see me
Before they blast me to the skies
Take my hand
And hold on tight.
Step from the darkness to the light

One small step
One gigantic leap.
A thousand wings lift me
From right out of my sleep.
Epic choirs drown out
All other sounds.

Blinding lights are all around.


My Paradise


Please don’t wake me, 

I’m trying to sleep 
These heavy eyes, my paradise 

Please don’t shake me, 

I’m trying to die 
My dream’s alive, deeper I dive

My coma world, it captivates

Seen distant lands, where life began 

I’ve heard the tales of the hidden city

Which world is real, stronger I feel.


Seen victories won, and battles lost

The horseman rides, the King he dies
Open my eyes, I need to see
I’m there tonight, my paradise





Although I walk through Shadowlands

I still believe I’ll see another day

It’s been three days now
Since the earth stood still
When you shook the world apart    
And for three hours 

The darkness came 
It filled the skies and our hearts



But I know the sun will rise again

I know the sun will rise


Thoughts tornado around 

My head for days 

Makes no sense to me at all
Lock the door, throw away the key
Who could walk through these walls?


Broken Soul


I broke down again today

I hope that no one saw

My eyes filled with sorrow
My bones have grown weak

I know it takes a 1000 years to explain         

Why there’s so much 

Anguish in my soul



I’ve got a broken soul

My life’s full of land mines
Take me from this place
My names on a gravestone
At the bottom of the sea
Restore in me the joy of your smile

I’m singing with the silence of space


Silent River


Don’t act as if nothing’s wrong 

Like all the pain’s forgotten 
Don’t make us sing that song

We’re rivers away from home


It’s time to fight back
It’s time to break out

It’s time to join the revolution

Even if we die,

We die tonight!

We hung all our songs on trees
So no one can hear them
We hope that there’s not a breeze

So the strings will stay silent 

Stone Inside My Shoe


Why are you the stone inside my shoe? 

I find it so hard to walk 

Even without you 
Why use those harsh words?
They suffocate me
I find it so hard to breathe 

Even already



Hold on, hold on, hold on so tight

There must be a ray of
Sun through the clouds
I find it so hard to see with doubts

There must be another

World beyond here

Where all my mistakes will disappear


Run For Your Lives


Run for your lives

This old city’s gonna fall

There’s no place to hide

Destruction’s in the air


So take all you need 

Don’t turn around 

Flee to the mountains

Or you’ll be swept away


Yakamochi Winter


I should have guessed 

Something was up

Because you looked so down

I should have said 

Something to you

Instead, I made no sound


I reached out to

Hold your hand

But it was as I feared

I saw you last

Night in my dream

But you disappeared



The faintest sound of gentle breeze

Whisper through colossal trees

The longest night of my life

The distant field where beauty grows

Radiates with crimson glow

The cruellest winter dwells in my heart




Tame my mind, 

My pandora's box

All best-laid plans

Buried under rocks

And I dream, 

Dream with open eyes            

The vaguest flame 

beneath pitch black skies



Insomnia, you know my fear

The spinning sphere, another year


I'm a wreak, 

I'm a wreaking ball

I build my plans 

And I watch them fall

Symphonic hope on a single string

The faintest sound tells me everything



Raging hornets in my head

Curious despair’s blood-red

And I cant rest until it’s passed

When the storms gone what will last?


The Garden


Wandering through the garden

I’m the loneliest soul alive

I woke from my slumber

And found you by my side



I can feel the kiss of life

Lifting day from the night

I can feel your breath in me

Life beneath the cedar tree   



Out of the darkness, explosions of light

A myriad of souls spark into life

I open my eyes see all the love

It’s so beautiful

Out of the darkness, explosions of light

A myriad of souls spark into life

I open my eyes see you’re my love

You’re so beautiful


Worlds Collide


Never let me go

Never let me go


Hearts are pounding

I will hunt you, I’ll track you down

You’re surrounded

I will chase you until you’re found

There’s nowhere else to hide

So watch our worlds collide.


Now we’re escaping

Take my hand and watch us fly 

We’re ascending

Vibrant waves rush us to the sky

There’s nowhere else to hide

So watch our worlds collide.



Will you ever show  

All the things in your heart    

I want to know?    

I can’t ever let you go

Every time I see your eyes   

My heart explodes.


Now I’m surrounded

I was spellbound by the chase

The walls now close in

Your beating heart lifts me from this place

There’s nowhere else to hide

So watch our worlds collide.


Never let me go

Never let me go.

It's Not The End


We're hit by the freight train, 

And you walked away, 

You walked away

Although you hurt me, 

but it's not the end, 

It's not the end.


My days are like smoke

They drift away, 

They drift away

I lie awake at night, 

I'm all alone,

I'm all alone.



I'm afraid I'm losing myself 

I'm afraid I'm losing control

I'm afraid I'm losing my light

I'm afraid I'm losing my soul


Rebuild my city

Those broken walls, 

Those broken walls

You carve my stone heart

It's not the end, 

It's not the end.




Everyone dies, but not everyone lives

It’s not as if your life 

Is the new years eve of time

Everyone gets, but not everyone gives

It’s not as if you can take those things

Beyond the grave



Oh uh ohh!

It’s time to let it go.

Give it all away.


Everyone’s loved, 

but not everyone loves

It’s not as if you’re the only one

to ever feel the pain

Everyone wants, but it’s never enough

It’s not as if you would put a price

On your own life



The girl from Nelson travelled

Eleven thousand miles from home

She gave her heart and soul for those

Eleven thousand miles from hope


Distant Shadows


Distant shadows rising

Over the ocean blue

Sails are tall and darkened

Herald the tragic news


Distant shadows shifting

Unveils a gleam of light

Descend towards destruction

Wings of Icarus flight.




I covered my house in paper

To hide it from the storm

Will it stand the typhoon?  

Or will it break again?


I covered my heart in paper

To hide it from the storm

Will it stand the typhoon?

Or will it break again?



I don’t want to fear

I don’t want to fear no more


We covered our lives in paper

To hide us from the storm

Will we stand the typhoon?

Or will we break again?



I may never understand

Why the storm came to this land

But I know there’ll be a day

When all the tears are wiped away




I will not be afraid

what can mere mortals do to me?

When you're by my side

you disperse my enemies.



Elysium I will walk through your gates

And I will hear your victory songs.


They swarm around with thorns

Though death can't hold me for long

The abyss will swallow me whole

But you're my strength and my song



Your love endures forever

Your love endures


Be Still



Be still 

Be still and

Know that I am here.





Aint no joy when the soul is dead

Aint no peace with the

Battles in my head

Aint no love when the heart is proud

I need your grace to break me out



Fairytale Utopia


It all began so innocent

Well, at least it was on my side.

You stole my heart. you rule my mind.

You held me close to your side.


At first, it was so beautiful

Like a fairytale utopia.

I saw the cracks, I saw the light

But you always kept me in your sights



So I wanted to run

Now I understand love

But everywhere that I turn

I keep on seeing you there.

And all the spies that you send

All the rules that you bend

There’s no way out of this place

Just get out of my head!



I will not

I will not cave in.

I will not

I will not cave in.

I will not

I will not cave in.

I will not

So get out of my head!


Even whispers could be heard by mice

Keep your fears locked up inside.

The city has no Romeo

Never let your feelings show


So I walk across the frozen sea

Countless vessels beneath my feet.

I buried him in the dead of night             

She gave me strength 

when I couldn’t fight.



Stars will guide our path        

The shadows will

Hide who we are.

When we cross the dry bone sea   

To the city where

One day we'll be free.


The Light


Will I escape before I break        

Will I see the light

Before I give up the fight.         

Yeah, I know that I       

Oh I can break,

But I can’t give up the fight       

Because you are the light.



I flew too close to the shadows.

Gravity pulls me into the abyss

Be my wings, be my arrow

Lift my soul from the darkness.


Will I see the Sun give up his flame?      

Will I see the stars

Fall like hell from the sky?       

Even if the Night     

Will cry out his claims,

The darkness will turn to day       

Because you are the light.



Lift my soul from the darkness.


Stay Silent


I can’t stay silent

For my heart, it beats so loud

My glance betrays me

My spirit raised above the clouds



Oh, it hurts so bad

To see you

To see you there.

Oh, my heart was torn

To see you

To see you there.


I can’t stay silent

We swerved the car I wept aloud

The car was flooded

Release the doors before we drown


Hold on my friend

There’s plenty of sole in the seas

But I was ruined

My lover’s gone I cannot see



City Gates


I come to the city gates

And there a titan stand

Magnificence drives me to my fears

The sound shook me from the ground

We’re fighting for the king                             

Lift your eyes to the 

Unapproachable light



One day, Oh one day

All the shadows will be gone

One day, Oh one day

All the battles will be won


I saw the city on the hill

Illuminate the night

Magnificence drives me to my fears

The shadows consume the light

And drag it to the Abyss                  

But the darkness could

Never hold the light.